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SILC Faculty Member and member of our Spatial Network.

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Cathryn Allen Manduca

Biographical Sketch :            

Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College, Northfield, MN 55057

Professional Preparation:

Williams College                                  Geology           B.A., 1980

California Institute of Technology       Geology           M.S., 1982

California Institute of Technology       Geology           Ph.D., 1988



2007-                           Executive Director, National Association of Geoscience Teachers

2002 -                          Director, Science Education Resource Center

1999-2001                   DLESE Outreach Coordinator

1994-2000                   Coordinator, Keck Geology Consortium

1995-1997                   Asst. Prof. of Science at Rochester Community College

1994                            Asst. Prof. of Physics at St. Olaf College

1992-2001                   Research Associate in Geology at Carleton College

1989-1992                   Asst. Prof. of Geology at Carleton College

Publications :           Publications related to this project

Manduca, C.A. (2008). Working with the Discipline - Developing a Supportive Environment for Education. In Evidence on Promising Practices in Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education, S. Singer et al. (Eds.). National Academy of Sciences. Washington, D.C.

Manduca, C., J. Johnston (2008), Engaging Faculty in Discussion of the Affective Domain: A Practical Strategy, The National Teaching & Learning Forum, Vol 17, Num 3.

Manduca, C.A. (2007). Improving Instruction in Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry - Lessons from Research on Learning. Elements 3(2), 95-100.

Manduca, C.A. (2007) On the Cutting Edge of Teaching About Early Earth. Geotimes 52 (7), 44-45.

Macdonald, R.H., Manduca, C.A., Mogk, D., Tewksbury, B. (2005). Teaching Methods in Undergraduate Geoscience Courses: Results of the 2004 On the Cutting Edge Survey of U.S. Faculty, Journal of Geoscience Education, 53(3), 237-252.

                                    Other publications

Kastens, K., C.A. Manduca, C. Cervato, R. Frodeman, C. Goodwin, L.S. Lieben, D.W. Mogk, T.C. Spangler, N.A. Stillings, and S. Titus (2009). How Geoscientists Think and Learn, Eos Trans. AGU, 90(31), 265.

Bralower, T., Manduca, C.A., and Feiss, P.G. (2008). Preparing a New Generation of Citizens and Scientists to face Earth's Future, Liberal Education. v 94, n 2.

Manduca, C.A., E. Baer, G. Hancock, R.H. Macdonald, S. Patterson, M. Savina and J. Wenner (2008), Making Undergraduate Geoscience Quantitative. EOS, 89(16), 149-150.

Manduca, C.A., S. Fox, and E.R. Iverson (2006). Digital Library as Network and Community Center. D-

Lib, 12(12) [].

Manduca, C.A., Iverson, E.R., Fox, S.P., McMartin, F. (2005). Influencing User Behavior through Digital Library Design: An Example from the Geosciences, D-Lib, 11(5) [].


Synergistic Activities:

1)Development of on-line resources supporting geoscience education: Building Strong Geoscience Departments, PI (2004-); Teaching Quantitative Skills in the Geoscience, workshops and website development (1999-); Preparing Teachers to Teach Earth Science, workshops and website development (2003-); Teaching with A Civil Action, Consultant (2005-2010); MARGINS mini-lesson development project, PI (2007-2009); MARGINS Education Advisory Board (2005-); Earth System Education Partnerships with Research Institutions (2001); Portal to the Future: A Digital Library for Earth System Education, Convener (1999); Spheres of Influence-Shaping the Future of Earth System Science Education, Convener (1996).

2)Professional development and on-line resource development projects beyond the geosciences: Invited NAS presentation: Working within the Discipline (2008); Pedagogies in Action project, PI (2005-); PKAL Pedagogies of Engagement project, Leadership Team (2008-2010); Starting Point for Economics Faculty, co-PI (2008-); Quantitative Social Science Digital Library, co-PI (2008-) National Numeracy Network, Website Consultant, (2008-); Visionlearning, Advisory Board (2007-); SENCER Digital Library, Consultant (2008-); Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning, and Knowledge in Student Writing, co-PI (2007-); Reconsidering the Textbook, Workshop Convener (2006); Faculty Participation in the NSDL - Lowering the Barriers, co-PI (2005-2008); Big Science at Small Schools, A Genomics Collaboration, Leadership Team (2006-2010); ACM-FACE program website development, Consultant (2009-); MERLOT ELIXR video development project, Contributing Partner (2007-2009).

3)Research on faculty and student learning: Tracing the Effects of Faculty Development into Student Learning Outcomes at Carleton, co-PI, (2008-): Synthesis of Research on Learning in the Geosciences, PI (2008-); Spatial Intellegence Learning Center – Undergraduate Geoscience Education Team (2006-); Scaffolding Conceptually Driven Genomics Education, co-PI, (2008-); Bringing Research on Learning to the Geosciences, workshop and website, PI (2002-2004).


4)Professional society activities: AAAS: Education Section Nominating Committee (2007-) Fellow, 2009; National Association of Geoscience Teachers: Executive Director (2007-), Distinguished Lecturer (2000-2001), National Officer (2001-2005), President (2003), Web master (2004-2006). American Geophysical Union: Excellence in Geophysical Education Prize (2004), Committee on Education and Human Resources (1998-2002, Chair 2004-2008). American Institute of Physics: Advisory Committee on Physics Education (2006-), Chair (2008-); Project Kaleidoscope: Networking Advisory Board (2002-2004). Sigma Xi: Education Committee (2004-2007), Education Advisory Council (1997-2001), Executive Committee (2000-2001, 1997-1998), Long Range Planning Committee (1996-1999). National Science Digital Library: NSDL Coordinating Committee, Chair (2000-2001). Digital Library for Earth System Education: Steering Committee, Chair (1999-2001), DLESE Annual Meeting, Program Chair (2001).

Collaborators & Other Affiliations:

Geoff Abers (Boston University), Eric Baer (Highline Community College), Scott Bair (Ohio State), Lois Banta (Williams), Dan Barstow (TERC), Paul Bierman, Christine Massey (U. Vermont), Tim Bralower (Penn State), Tom Carey, Greg Hanley (Cal State System), Anthony Carpi (John Jay College), Cinzia Cervato (Iowa State), Jeff Clark (Lawrence), LuAnn Dahlman (NOAA), Anne Egger (Stanford U.), Trish Ferrett, Nathan Grawe, Bev Nagel, Carol Rutz, Mary Savina, Susan Singer (Carleton), Bob Frodeman (North Texas), Joan Garfield (U. Minnesota), Ed Geary (UCAR), Dedre Gentner, Ben Jee, David Utall (Northwestern), Charles Goodwin (UCLA), Michelle Hall (Science Education Solutions), Greg Hancock, Heather Macdonald, Geoff Feiss (William & Mary), Cynthia Howell (NREL), Kim Kastens (Columbia), Tamara Ledley, Carla McAuliffe (TERC), Lynn Liben (Penn State), Scott Linneman (Western Washington), Bruce Mason (U. Oklahoma), Mark McCaffery, Susan Buhr (CIRES), David McConnell, Roger Woodard (North Carolina State) Flora McMartin (Berkeley), Dave Mogk (Montana State), Brandon Muramatsu (MIT), Jeanne Narum (PKAL), Nora Newcomb, Frank Niepold, (NOAA).Tim Shipley (Temple), Dennis Pearl (Ohio State), Heather Petcovic (Western Michigan); Don Reed (California State, San Jose), Randall Richardson (U. Arizona), Jeff Ryan (U. South Florida), Jodi Schwarz (Vassar), Neil Stillings (Hampshire), Jim Swartz (Grinnell), Rebecca Teed (Wright State), Barb Tewksbury (Hamilton), Basil Tikoff (Wisconsin), David Uttal, Len Vacher (U. South Florida), Alan Wolf (U. Wisconsin), Jenn Wenner (U. Wisconsin-OshKosh).

Graduate Advisors: Leon T. Silver and Hugh P. Taylor, California Institute of Technology.

Thesis Advisor and Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsor: Rebecca Teed, Suzanne Savanic, Heather Rissler, Gudrun Willet.